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Shalva - Shalva’s Children Have More to Smile About: Oral Health for Everyone – OHEV

On May 2017 Ulvi Kasimov, Founder of .Art domain zone made a charitable contribution to allocate to fund the establishment of Shalva’s innovative oral health program for 500 children with disabilities which was just recently launched. Shalva’s Oral Health and Wellness Centre is a unique dental clinic that is specifically designed with disability accessible equipment to provide oral health care to children with disabilities. By teaching them how to develop an oral health routine despite the challenges of their disabilities, we are able to dramatically reduce the pain and costs of risky dental procedures and other diseases that may ensue. The program gives children with disabilities and their families the tools to improve their health and advance their quality of life.
Shalva’s oral health program and clinic are unparalleled in the world. Shalva’s pioneering approach to disability dental health care and its unique facilities serve as an example for hospitals and organizations in Israel and around the world who are developing programs based on Shalva’s model